Services moving to Prahran Square

Published on 07 August 2020

The closure of the Prahran Town Hall ahead of planned improvement works has presented the opportunity to temporarily relocate Prahran Library and the Stonnington Services and Visitor Hub (SSVH) into Prahran Square.

The Prahran Library is moving into the northern tenancy (outside Woolworths), and the SSVH into the southern tenancy on Chatham Street.

The SSVH will be a one-stop shop where residents and businesses can complete transactions and applications, log customer service requests and find out information about City of Stonnington services.

To prepare the buildings for occupancy, internal fit out works will shortly begin. As these are internal fit outs we anticipate minimal disruption and no planned street closures.

Prior to the announcement of COVID-19 Stage 4 restrictions we were planning for the SSVH the open in September and the library a month later in October. The new restrictions will delay the building works which is unfortunately out of our control. These services will open as soon as possible.

The Prahran Library and customer hub are very popular destinations for the local community and we look forward to their relocation to the Square providing opportunities for surrounding businesses.

For more information visit the City of Stonnington website.

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