Art in the Square


Ringform 1 and 2 at the top of the forest walk 

Visit Prahran Square to enjoy three significant public art installations by acclaimed artists - Dr Fiona Foley, Jamie North and Ramus.

Artist:              Fiona Foley
Artwork:         murnalong 2019

murnalong celebrates bees for their significance in our global ecosystem. Its title ‘murnalong’ is a local Indigenous Boon Wurrung word meaning bee.

Throughout her practice the artist highlights commonalities across cultures. Historically an important food source for Indigenous Australians, bees remain crucially important to our shared future.

Many plants depend on bees for pollination and they are widely considered as symbols for society and community. Here, the artist has depicted native stingless bees – one of over 1,500 species in Australia.


Artist:             Jamie North
Artwork:         Ringform 1 and 2

Ringform 1 and 2 are ‘living’ sculptures, which represent the artist’s deep interest in the intersection of the natural world and the man-made.

The architectural rings have firstly been imbedded with materials that the artist has sourced from industrial sites, and then softened by the cultivation and integration of Australian native plants, which continue to grow and evolve over time.

The artist has purposefully situated the sculptures in Prahran Square as a false ruin. Drawing inspiration from archaeological sites, they are a nod to both the fragility and at times, strength and tenacity of plant ecosystems within our increasingly urbanised landscapes.


Artist:             Ramus
Artwork:         The Pipes 2019

At the thresholds to Prahran Square, The Pipes is an invitation to experience an expansive clearing. Composing light, movement and environmental sounds into an atmosphere of call and response, the work creates a new space of belonging.

A site-specific visual and audio installation co-designed by Ramus and Material Thinking, in collaboration with Lyons Architects.

Experience The Pipes on the Ramus website