Changing Places facility opens at Prahran Square

Published on 24 November 2020

People with a disability, their families and carers can visit Prahran Square with comfort and peace of mind, knowing there is a Changing Places facility at the Chatham Street end of the Square.

The facility, that includes a toilet and change room, is suitable for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets.  Inside the Changing Places facility is an adult-sized change table, ceiling hoist, peninsular toilet and privacy screen, all set in a generous space to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities and their carers.

Changing Places facilities play a vital role in improving opportunities and experiences for people with disabilities, making it easier for them to participate in activities most people take for granted - such as shopping, family outings, social and sporting events, cultural activities and educational opportunities. 

These type of facilities benefit not only people with disabilities, they are also good for nearby businesses and the economy. Stonnington residents and people who live outside the municipality will specifically travel to locations where they know there are accessible facilities that meet their needs.

The Prahran Square Changing Places facility is safe and secure, and a special Master Locksmith Access Key is needed to gain access.

Visit the Changing Places page for information about eligibility and how to apply for an Master Locksmith Access Key.

The City of Stonnington is proud to support people living with a disability, their families and carers, and through the provision of infrastructure, services and information will strive to ensure all members of our community can participate and contribute equally.