Green credentials

Green credentials.jpg 

What we now know as Prahran Square was previously a large expanse of bitumen car park, dotted with a few trees. The site was hot and dusty in Summer and had very few environmental attributes.

The redevelopment of the site into the Prahran Square car park and parkland transformed the old bitumen car park into a space with a list of green credentials, including:

  • 1,000 square metres of lawn.
  • 140+ trees.
  • 7200+ shrubs and plants.
  • Rainwater capture system that reuses the water to irrigate the lawn and garden beds.
  • Solar-powered waste and recycling bins. The solar-energy is used by the bins to compact their own rubbish (increasing their capacity by around 8 times that of a traditional bin).
  • Banks of bike racks at various points around the Square - promoting active transport.
  • Sustainable design and building principles used across the site.
  • Electric vehicle charge station within the car park.
  • Low-energy LEDs used throughout the car park.
  • Movement sensor light dimming technology in both levels of the car park, reducing power use when there is no activity.